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Get your money back from a scam

Get in touch if you've been taken advantage of by con artists, and our team of professionals will strive to recover your money.

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How it works

  • Review your case

    carrying out preliminary investigations to see whether the case can provide a significant recovery based on our experience..

  • Gather the evidence

    assembling all the evidence and paperwork needed to forward your case effectively.All of the gathered information is for internal use only. General information such as email address might be used to reach out to people with similar circumstances.

  • Confront the entities

    Addressing the key organisations that helped facilitate the illegal transfer of your wealth in a methodical manner.

  • Get your money back

    Our track record is something we are proud of, and we can tell you that we will do all in our power to get your money back..

Why work with us?

To provide a succinct overview, our focus centers on taking on cases that hold the potential for significant restitution. We hold your time and ours in high regard, which is why we adopt a transparent approach when assessing each case's viability. If a situation arises where achieving a positive outcome seems unlikely, we pledge to communicate that openly. However, when the possibility for a full or partial recovery exists, we embark on our course of action without delay.

About us

Your money back guarantee

The fund recovery process can be a lengthy one and requires perseverance. Therefore it is vital that our clients are ready for it and trust us every step of the way. So if for any reason you are doubtful, you can ask for a full refund within the first 14 business days of the process.*

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Disclaimer: PayBack Time offers each new client a free consultation. Funds Recovery or other services that will be subsequently commissioned will incur fees and/or commissions, based on the service and the complexity of each individual case. PayBack Time doesn’t offer any investments, financial services, or advice.

At Payback we do not initiate calls without request. We only call clients that reached out to us.

The Company cannot accept prohibited payment methods.

Every payment received by the company is secure under the PCI-DSS protocol.

WARNING! - Beware of imposters:
a) Our emails end with @payback-time.com. b) We would NEVER ask you to send us money via Crypto.