Introducing Payback Time

The Payback Time Dev Blog is online!

Welcome to the dev blog. As there aren't many updates about the project's progress yet, I hope you will find the general project information useful.

Oh, okay. Maybe I've got one screenshot to spare. This one's a test scene I've seen so many times it has burned a green grid on my retina:

Test Scene

What are we looking at? The test scene contains a couple of basic objects:

  • A basic wall with an emissive light source at the top.
  • A floor with black-yellow striped tape for indicating grave danger the green grid imposes to developer eyes.
  • A wooden crate. Very handy for containing things, up to dimensions of 16x16x16.
  • A crack between walls. Lazy test scene programming is to blame.

What we aren't quite seeing is the fancy pipeline of rendering stages producing all of the above. More on that, later...

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you back, soon!