This page summarizes the game project named Payback Time; its history, motivation and present state.


It's 1997. Two guys are finishing up a project that took three-or-so years of their high school time to complete.

Two screenshots from the original game (320x200 px):

Screenshot #1Screenshot #2

Squint real hard and you can tell that the game was a turn-based combat strategy classic - at least within our puny northern country. It owed much to Laser Squad, X-COM / UFO: Enemy Unknown and a couple of other timeless relics-by-now.

The game was released as shareware and distributed on a floppy in bubble-wrap envelopes. You can still find the screenshots and binaries for the old DOS-game here, and source code on GitHub.

Fast-forward almost 20 years. While the trauma caused by the previous game project has almost fully healed - an itch remains, still.

It has come the time to address the few shortcomings of the predecessor. We must have the technology by now, right?


Some fun facts about Payback Time, the modern version:

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Thanks for reading - stay tuned for updates!