Let There be Light

Hah, got ya! You probably thought already: "he's gone, with all those valuables generated by his extravagant indie game scheme, to lead a life of Riley".

No Sir/Madam. On the contrary, I've been a busy bee. And there's no Riley.

92 commits later: the scene and lighting system starts to work properly.

Test Scene

Highlights of the lighting model:

User Interface

I've also worked on adding a primitive UI for map editing purposes (see panel on the right).

So far, the UI allows one to select the active object from those which were picked up from disk.

Editing of the map itself is straightforward: point & click for adding and removing objects to and from the scene. The lazy bum in me didn't add a save/load feature yet, so one will need to reconstruct the map from scratch for each run.

Into the Future

H'OKAY! What's next? Cleaning up the slight mess left by the progress on many fronts: optimizing scene/object/model code. Adding warriors/characters!

That'll be the part where I may have to admit to myself, that the image-based voxel modeling falls a little short. If so, the characters will end up somewhat cube-headed/armed/toed... Stay tuned!